Dear Authors,

Welcome to the paper submission site of AIR 2019.
Please visit the CMT submission system for submitting the paper


Paper can be in MS word, or PDF format

Before you submit your paper please ensure that the following check points have been satisfied:
1. The paper format is as per the ACM template given in the AIR 2019 website under ‘Template‘.

2. Please submit your paper under the category most suitable for it. This will help in selecting suitable reviewers.

3. The review process followed is Double Blind and hence it is mandatory that the authors DO NOT mention authors names, affiliations, etc. in the
paper.  Please keep the author names as blank or XXXXXXXXX.

4. If authors names, affiliations etc are mentioned it will be REJECTED without review.

5. After review you would be required to add the authors names etc. in the final camera ready paper.

6. For selecting the most suitable terms for Common Classification System (CCS) in the paper, please refer to the ACM website at:   or the file ‘ACMCCST’ given in the  AIR 2019 author area.

7. The ACM copyright box ( first page left column bottom)  is to be retained as it is  in the template. The copyright and the DOI numbers are
written as XXXXXXXXX in the paper for review and should only  be filled in after acceptance of paper.

Thank you for submitting your paper in AIR 2019.

We look forward to meeting you during AIR 2019 at IIT Madras.

Thank you and Best Wishes.
Ashish Dutta and M. Santhakumar
Publication Chairs – AIR 2019